Team Avery's Testimonials


Overweight, overstressed, and on the verge of burn out, I needed to find a balance in my life. I work in morning radio and start my day at 4:30 most mornings. it's a job that can physically and emotionally challenging on the best of days, and as a father of 3 young children, life was starting to get too hectic. I felt awful, physically, and mentally. I needed to make some changes in my life.

As someone who was generally afraid of gyms and the fitness world, I needed guidance and a coach. A motivator to get me started. So I called Dave Avery.
Dave's motivation and training methods helped me realize my personal goals. A gradual beginning that began with an introduction to basic exercises to get my body moving again. From that beginning evolved a full body workout plan that helped change me.
The change Dave guided me through with in my physical health helped me on many levels. I felt better inside and out, sleeping better, eating healthier, old injuries healed. The move to a fitness oriented lifestyle increased my confidence and challenged me to try things I didn't know I could do. Dave introduced me to kettlebell training which has helped me challenge my body in new ways. Kettlebell increased my strength, stamina, flexibility and improved my cardio endurance. A full body workout that delivered immediate results.

We all need to find a balance in life. And your health is the key building block. When you feel strong you can accomplish anything you decide. Dave Avery helped set me on that road to personal strength.

If you need a trainer who provides you with support, motivation and delivers results, call Avery's Body by Design. It's an investment in you.

Joel Scott - Radio Host Star 93.3 - 2011


Dave Avery introduced me to bodybuilding in 2007. With his dedication to my training
I was able to enter my first show in April 2008 in the Super Grandmasters category. I
was part of a team of ten people who supported one another through the whole process. I
persuaded him to compete with me the following year and between 2008 and 2010 I have
entered 12 competitions with four different bodybuilding federations. Dave and his wife
Julie continued to provide the support and encouragement which has been a big part of
being able to achieve my goals. Without their dedicated support which helped establish
the foundation I needed to compete, none of what I have achieved would have been
possible. I owe them both a debt of gratitude and would recommend them to any serious

Jim Douglas - 2011


Dave Avery took me to a level of physical and mental achievement that I didn't think was possible. He knows how to get me motivated and stay focused. Every time I thought I had reached my goal Dave pushed me to the next! Achieving a Pro Card for female bodybuilder was not even something I dreamed possible but Dave and his wife Julie believed in me and helped me attain that pro card in my first show!!! Dave has always supported me through all my goals. He is a personal trainer that is constantly updating his skills and learning new techniques. I always know that I can rely on Dave for all my fitness needs. Most trainers work for a living but Dave trains his clients from his heart, it is his passion and his results with me are proof of that.

Kay MacCoubrey - 2011


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