Team Avery's Testimonials


Dave has been training me since September 2007. I had been working out fairly
regularly but wasn't happy with my overall fitness and weight. Plus, I was dealing with
several physical challenges because of surgeries and other health issues. What I really
like about Dave is how he listens to me and adapts my program. I have heard that many
trainers follow a set program, assuming clients will adapt, but Dave is different. If a
particular element is causing me problems, he changes it and finds an exercise that will
have the same impact but without the problems. I am fitter now than at any time in my
life and I feel great, thanks to Dave. People tell me I look great, too!

Pam Royl - 2011


Improvement and self control are two words that come to mind when I think about
bodybuilding. The discipline required has provided me an opportunity for goals to be
reached within a timeline, permitting dreams to become realities. Team Avery was our
strength, not only on the stage at various shows, but backstage and pre-competition with
group support and a common mission.

Pat Stapley Chase - 2011


Dave and Julie Avery make a fantastic team together they bring the perfect fitness and nutrition plan to you, each perfectly compliment the other.  Dave looks after your fitness regiment while Julie makes sure you have a winning diet plan that will boost your physical success ten fold.  I have had the opportunity to work with Dave and Julie in preparation for 2 separate Fame BodyBuiling Competitions, and with out them I would have been lost.  With their help and guidance I was honored with 2 first place wins in the Figure/Routine Category with Fame!  I sincerely recommend their services to anyone who is serious about improving their physical fitness.  Their plan works wonders!

Dave is so passionate about what he does and it shows.  He takes his profession very seriously, he is knowledgeable, motivating, and very thorough.  He will work you hard, so be prepared!  It's a good thing!  If you listen to all that he tells you and really do the work, he will guide you to the top.
Julie worked her magic as well, during competition preparation she put together my diet plan, and continued to modify it when I had allergic reactions to certain food types, giving me a rotating meal plan, she was there to help all the way along, and like Dave she was very supportive.  They really make you feel like close friends or even family.

I am so impressed with both of them!  And I am so happy I chose to have them help me with my fitness training.  Thank you for everything Dave and Julie!!!!!!!
You're the best!

Maria Sheppard-Thompson - 2011


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