Team Avery's Testimonials


Dave has been my personal trainer since Jan 2008 . During this time he
introduced me to the TRX suspension training as an alternative to traditional
weight training. Dave coached me through personal injury and gave me the
confidence to become a TRX trainer.He is extremely knowledgeable about his
profession and more than willing to share his knowledge. As a personal
trainer he puts 100% into every work out session he creates for each of his
clients. It has been a pleasure to learn from him and an honour to become a

Judi Sawyer - 2011


Training for a body building competition was an experience that I will continue to learn from and adapt in many forms of my life. Being a competitive athlete at a young age I have always had a desire to try a variety of sports. A strong passion for working out was always something I enjoyed. Strong determination and preserverance have always been an appreciation to the competitive athlete. Involvement with the YMCA as a former employee for 4 years, co-op placement, and a continuing member of more than 20 years I have been surrounded by the body building industry.  As a child I have always had a fear of being in the public eye and now I wanted to make it my goal. I contacted Nutritionist Julie Avery to get an idea of what to expect for diet and Personal Trainer Dave Avery to set up a workout program. Four and a half months before the Fame World Championships was the only thing on my mind now. It was on!! The nutrition diet I was set up with by Julie was great because it was designed for the unique individual.  Every nutritional demand is monitored in great detail. For example I have been battling iron deficiency anemia from a young age and it was all looked after....quite amazing! Also any questions, concerns Julie was right there to answer you. I always felt comfortable asking any question I had. The biggest thing for me was the amount of preparation that went into the diet. Buying all the food and preparing daily can be quite time consuming. Although if you have a goal in mind you will DO IT!! Training was a lot of fun. Dave taught me how to lift weights, gain stability/flexibility, use kettlebells, strengthen core and resistance training exercises. It was a whole new amusement park to me. I LOVED IT!! At first I was a little frustrated because I wasn`t sure if i could do it. Dave gave me great incentive and insight into working out. Everytime I trained I wanted MORE. He kept me focussed and I always wanted to improve with everything I was taught. No pain no gain. The biggest challenege for me was putting on a pair of high heels.......couldn't even stand up. Posing sessions started and that's where I learned to walk, smile, gain confidence and be part of a team. The team aspect was great. Everyone is feeling the same emotionally, dieting and training hard. I enjoyed getting to know people and feeling a great team moral. I do recommend trying to plan "team " events like a dinner, meeting for coffee, watching a movie or playing a game. Things like that outside of posing and the gym really help the team energy. I got to know a couple people and it's nice to get the feeling of how the whole experience unfolds. Going to Vegas was an experience of a life time. It opened my eyes to the building building world. I realized it's a huge dedication and commitment to a person's life. Once you have it you never want to quit.....just keep getting better and go right back at it harder and harder. Go big or go home!! It's something I reccomend to people to try if they need a goal. It's great to have something to work towards and incorporate into your daily life. I am glad that I was able to be part of such an amazing experience.

Shanna Fraser-Cobourg - 2011


It has been close to 5 years since I joined Team Avery. For someone who has have 5 knee operations and a hip replacement (2 years ago), Dave has made a life impacting change in the quality of life. I am fitter than I have been in many years and credit Dave.

Prior to my hip replacement, Dave worked on preparing me for surgery and well as worked on a post surgery program. Not only was my recovery quite quick but I only missed one week of work and 2 weeks at the gym. I would highly recommend Team Avery as a staple in everyone's life.

Jim Proskos - 2011


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